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  • Finalist


    FINALIST IN eNGO CHALLENGE SOUTH ASIA 2013.. Gangadhar Panday, Babul Films giving ppt presentation at eNGOChallenge 2013 South Asia 2013 at IHC New Delhi on 5th Dec 2013. Babul Films […]

  • BioCinema


    BioCinema¬†Database Biocinema¬†Submission Form BioDiversity and Cinema:- India is celebrating 100 years of Cinema in 2013. Since beginning naming the films after some Biodiversity Component like Animal / Bird / Tree […]

  • What can I do

    What can I do

    Here are little acts that you can do to help¬† save the Earth. Every bit counts. DO IT NOW to preserve the planet for now and future. Calculate your cost […]

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Babul Films Society

Babul Films Society is a registered non-profit NGO based out of Hyderabad. In a democratic set up, awareness is the key to live and progress sustainably; Babul Films works to spread knowledge among ignorant and push the aware towards action.

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