Babul Films makes independent short films & digital media for environmental protection and promoting sustainable development. Relatively short but visually stimulating, informative movies, socially engaging media messages are a great medium for raising awareness. They impact change. We promote advocacy campaigns using various ICT tools and Social Media.

We use latest technology to control budget & rigidly follow the code of best practices in sustainable film-making & Green Filming.    We offer guidance on idea, concept, script development, budgeting,shoot planning, casting, coordinating talents & technicians, shooting, editing, adding music and packaging, legal formalities etc.,  We also promote your film in national & international film festivals.

You have an excellent  idea but don’t know how to translate it on to the screen? we will help you realise the film as it is in your mind.

 Babul Films focuses on making movies

  • On practical interventions that motivate sustainability in particular places and contexts.
  • On efforts to evaluate, mitigate and minimize the consequences, locally & globally, of human impacts now and into the future.
  • On hope that humans can be informed Earth Stewards for a sustainable balance between Earth’s people and resources.
  • On efforts to cut over-consumption, environmental destruction, poverty; and move for sustainable food security.
  • On famous & unsung environmental champions.
  • On integrated approach to environmental compliance and sustainability efforts.
  • On the Sustainable Development challenge and its three pillars – Economic Social and Environmental.

Media is the missing link between ignorance and awareness.

Eco action through Films for Global Audience is our aim.

possibilities:-Short Films/Advts/Television & Radio Spots/Animation/Shows/Events & Promotions/Documentary films/New Media/Music Videos/PSB – Public Service Broadcasting/Corporate Films/AdFilms/ Commercials/Spot films Etc., Promotions in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, SlideShare, Google plus, Etc.,