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Babul Eco Film Festival 1-5 June 2024


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  • Show love for Nation & Nature - FunDuChallenge - Shoot, Post, Nominate

    Thanks GNITS for FunDuChallenge video!

    Students of GNITS Shaikpet Hyderabad made wonderful promo video for funduchallenge IT students of GNITS were so excited about the concept of funduchallenge that they shot a promo to spread […]

  • Show love for Nation & Nature - FunDuChallenge - Shoot, Post, Nominate


    FunDu Stands for Fundamental Duty of the Constitution of India. We all enjoy Rights but many do not know that we have Fundamental Duties also, Citizens are morally obligated by […]


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I volunteered for 3rd BEFF. I learned many things and it was also fun being part of the team. It is a wonderful chance to network with like minded from India and abroad. I recommend students who are interested in Cinema and/or Nature to volunteer and take advantage of this great opportunity

– by RajKumar Pamu

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